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On Boxing Day we posted a photo of Ben Lomond from the new RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) site, Loch Lomond.

Here is a reminder of some of the features of this excellent undertaking which now provides quiet pretty walkways along well made paths and boardwalks from the main entrance just of the A811 military road between Gartocharn and Drymen, and the southern shore of Loch Lomond.

The site opened in the summer of 2022 and has been hugely popular since its launch. The walks through the woods down to the shore with the many carved benches, tables and stumps and fence posts along the way make for a very interesting day out.

Success however has meant that a small charge has been introduced for parking.

The car park is accessed from the main A811 which runs between Gartocharn and Drymen. If you are travelling in this direction the turning, which is clearly signposted, is on your left. About one hundred yards down this track is the car park and the welcome hut, with a chalk board displaying the most recent wildlife sightings.

One of the recent highlights is a family of beavers, recently introduced and, going by all accounts, making themselves at home!

From the car park the path descends into the woods. The path is well made and can support prams and wheel chairs, although an unassisted push back up the hill may be difficult.

Soon the path splits - the two sections meeting up further down the hill. The right hand branch leads down to a pond and a semi-hide looking across bogland. The left hand branch continues down through the woods.

Once the paths meet up again our journey continues over a small rise and down to what was formerly a peat bog - although much of the peat has been cleared out over the years.

One of the best bits of the walk is the boardwalk built over the bog. The views in all directions are excellent.

At the end of the boardwalk a short journey brings you to the southern shore of the loch. From there, peaking through the trees, there are fantastic views of the majestic mountain known as Ben Lomond .

Continuing along the shore eastwards takes you to a lovely little bay at the mouth of the Aber burn.

There are many picnic spots along the walk, suitable for some al-fresco dining.

This is a great morning or afternoon out suitable for all ages.

Ben Lomond towers in the distance, viewed from the RSPB site, near Appletree Cottage, Loch Lomond
Ben Lomond towers in the distance, viewed from the RSPB site, Loch Lomond


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