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GREEN credentials

Type 2 vehicle charging point (untethered).jpg


Biomass heating & hot water
A log burning Biomass Boiler provides heating and hot water for both Appletree Cottage and Shandon Farmhouse.  We chop, split and dry the timber which is sourced locally.
solar panels
A south facing array of solar panels was installed on the shed roof adjacent to Appletree Cottage in 2023.  The panels provide electricity for Appletree Cottage
electric vehicle charging
A type 2 (untethered) EV charger was installed in 2023 for the exclusive use of guests.




epc rating
Appletree Cottage, being recently constructed, is well insulated to all the modern standards.
When the cottage was built it received an EPC raging of B scoring 83 on the scale.
Since installing the Solar Panels in 2023 as a recommendation, an EPC rating of A has now been achieved. 
Appletree Energy Rating A.png
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