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​Appletree Cottage is popular with guests who have limited mobility including wheelchair users.

Please see the details below to decide if it is right for you...

Appletree dining and kitchen 3.jpg


The entrance from the public tarmac road to the cottage is via a gravel parking area – distance approximately 20 meters.
At the entrance to the cottage there is a 1140 mm (3’ 9”) wide ramp.   A car can park directly adjacent to this ramp.
The entrance ramp rises gently 180 mm (7”) from ground level to the level threshold over 2300 mm (7’ 6”)

The front door is hinged on the right and leads to a coir matted entrance / vestibule area.
Front door width: 815 mm (2’ 8”)
Lip at front door: 50 mm (2”)
Lever door handle on left of door viewed from outside
The vestibule which has coir matting forms a short corridor of  1525 mm (5’)  leading straight onto the main living area.
There is an internal door from vestibule to main living area width:

815 mm (2’ 8”)
Threshold lip: negligible
Door hinged on the left as viewed from vestibule, lever door handle.
The living area containing kitchen, dining area and lounge has level wooden flooring throughout and furniture which can be easily moved to promote access.  

The patio is accessed from the open plan living area via a 1880 mm (6’ 2”) wide sliding door with no steps, rises or falls from the main communal living excepting a threshold bump of 40 mm (1.5”)

Downstairs bedroom

Access is from the communal living area and on the same level with no steps, rises or falls.
Door width: 780mm, (2’ 7”)  hinged on right with lever handle
The downstairs bedroom can be configured either as a Super King (700mm high / 28”)  or a Twin (635mm / 25”) high  (please give us notice as to which arrangement you would prefer. )

The windowsills are 635mm (25”) from the floor and there is ample room for a wheelchair turning.

There is a wall mounted TV with built in DVD player.

Appletree Bramley Bedroom 2.jpg
Appletree Bramley Bathroom 1.jpg

en-suite bathroom

The en-suite bathroom is on the same level as the bedroom with no steps, falls or rises.
The door is 780mm,  (2’ 7”) wide and is hinged on the left with a lever handle
The en-suite bathroom has
- ample wheelchair turning room
- an under floor heated tiled floor
- a bath, 56mm (1’ 10”) wide and with edge of bath at 53mm (1’ 11”) from floor. 
- the internal depth of the bath is 345mm (13.5”) and it is 1500mm (4’ 11”) long.
- a shower with a flexible hose is provided in the bath.  There is a glass shower screen which opens to
  provide improved access to the bath.
- two grip handles on wall to the left-hand side of the bath as you look towards the bath taps can aid access and egress and stability when showering.
The wash hand basin front edge is 830mm (2’ 8.5”) high
The basin vanity cabinet on which the wash hand basin is mounted has a clearance of 380mm (15”) from the floor
The toilet seat is 430mm (17”) from the floor.  The toilet does not have assistance handles but the edge of the doorframe (on the right-hand side) is within 300mm (12”) distance from the foremost point of the toilet seat.

In summary...

All downstairs bathroom, bedroom, living area and patio on the one level.
Narrowest doorway: 780mm, (2’ 7”)  Highest threshold bar (front door): 50mm (2”) 
Height of bath edge 53mm (1'11")

If you have any queries regarding access or any other matters please don’t hesitate to contact us by email - or phone: 07375 321868

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