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Constructed in 2016 on the site of a former stockyard Appletree Cottage is architect-designed, specifically for the self-catering market.  

The aim was to provide spacious, modern and luxurious accommodation for eight people. The position was chosen to maximise the fantastic views whilst creating privacy and separation from the farm buildings and  the quiet back road.

Another goal was to create a building with high energy efficiency. 

The structure is super insulated and the huge south-facing windows to provide good solar gain during daylight hours.

A district biomass system provides heating and hot water for the cottage and the farmhouse.  This is powered by a log boiler fed with timber sourced from local renewable sources.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of B has recently been upgraded to A with the installation of solar panels mounted on the roof of an adjacent barn.

It was anticipated that the majority of guest bookings would be from extended families and groups of friends getting together, so the living area was designed as spacious open plan where people could freely mix and enjoy each other’s company wish the underfloor heating system ensuring an even temperature throughout.

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Shandon Farm appears on Roy’s Military Survey of Scotland (1747-55).  It is believed that several of the buildings on the site may relate to that period. 

Over the years the steading has  had additions.  The stone garage and stable were built at the end of the 19th century whilst the farmhouse was raised to two stories in 1910. 

The farm was originally mixed before resorting to dairy in the latter years.  It was one of the larger farms in the area and run by the same family for over a hundred years.  Eventually most of the land was sold off and the farm steading put up for sale in 2010.  Ambitious plans were pursued to turn the farmhouse and outbuildings into one huge home but came to nothing and the farm lay empty for three years.

We, the current owners, bought the farm in 2013.  By this time the buildings were derelict and the land reduced to four and a half acres.  We started planting an apple orchard  in 2014 and now have 400 trees.  The self-catering cottage was completed in August 2016. 

We are continuing to renovate the farmhouse.

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