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Great Seafood on day out to Oban

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

In March we took the train from Helensburgh Upper to Oban for a day out. from Appletree Cottage (see previous blog)

When we arrived at Oban in the late morning we walked round onto the Railway Pier which is adjacent to the railway station and found the famous green seafood shack.

This stall has existed for quite a number of years now and over that time has expanded to include some appropriately designed alfresco seating.

The choice and quality of the seafood is amazing. Lobsters, crabs, crayfish, prawns, scallops and much more. Whilst we were waiting for our order, we noticed a Japanese group who had ordered lobster and crayfish. They were kind enough to allow us to photograph their choice!

Our selection was a little smaller but none the less tasty, freshly cooked scallops in garlic and butter with brown bread

The view from the alfresco dining space is right across Oban bay. We watched ferries to the islands and fishing boats come and go whilst we enjoyed our excellent seafood.

After our scallops we wandered along the seafront to the North Pier (the red roofed pier) where we had a fantastic fish meal in Ee Usk.

Oban is only a couple of hours away from Appletree Holiday Cottage Loch Lomond but has much to offer, especially for enthusiasts of fish and seafood!


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